How to Install trend micro already purchased?

How to install trend micro already purchased on your device?

Trend Micro is one of the best antiviruses in the world that protects your device from threats such as malware, spyware, and trojans. When you install trend micro already purchased on your device, its real-time threat detection feature makes sure no virus or malware can infect your device.
It acts as a watchdog for all your important data on your device, keeping you free from the stress of losing your precious data.

How to install trend micro already purchased

  • If you’d like to put in Trend Micro antivirus in your own system then firstly you will need to be forced to obtain a notion out of the state site.
  • Trend micro demand entirely distinct types of plans and supplies for you which of these you will be in a position to generate a pick from appearing on the form of services that you desire.
  • As soon as you have got a special group up which matches your necessities, pick the additional choice and then click that which will take one to the escape page to get payment.
  • With this particular page, fulfill all of the essential information so you can pay the quantity that is displayed on the monitor.
  • The moment you get the payment, then the anti-virus will be triggered by your name and you should receive all of the invoices on your email identification.
  • Subsequently, only click download/install and come across the Trend Micro antivirus put on your own desktop at periods. Now, one’s body is fastened with the latest malware and malware protection from Trend Micro.

Install Trend Micro Antivirus For Windows: install trend micro already purchased

  • Before initiate, the installation process, make sure that your pc meets the system requirements to install Trend Micro Security.
  • Now transfer the installed trend micro .exe file TrendMicro_15.0_MR_Full.exe on your pc.
  • After that, Double Click to run the TrendMicro_15.0_MR_Full.exe installation file trendmicro.exe.
  • Now you’ve got to choose “Yes” once the User Account management window prompts.
  • After that expect the installer to extract the files required for the installation.
  • Now after Extracting file, the installer can check the compatibility of the pc.
  • When it gets complete then put the 20- digit alphamerical serial number and click on “Next”.
  • Now read the info revealing Notice, then click Next.
  • Read the License Agreement and select checkbox, then click Agree and Install.
  • Now the installation of the Trend micro start, it takes a few minutes to complete the installation.
  • After the installation gets complete, then it will prompt the registration type. Now follow all the positive options and click on Finish.
  • Now you are protected, restart your system.

Installation For PC :

Steps to download from

For installation instructions follow the steps below:

1. Make sure your computer meets the system requirements

2. Download
a. Download the installer file to begin the Setup.
b. DoubleClick TrendMicro_16.0_HE_Full.exe to conduct the installer.
Tap Yes once an Individual Account Control window looks.
c. await the installer to manually extract the files required for the setup.

3. System Check
a. Wait as Trend Micro checks if your computer is compatible for installation.

4. Serial Number
a. Type your serial number, then click Next.

5. Data Disclosure Notice
a. Read the Data Disclosure Notice, then click Next.

6. License Agreement
a. Read the License Agreement, then click Agree and Install.

7. Installation
a. Wait for the program to install. This may take a couple of minutes.

8. Confirmation
a. Supply a personal name, click Next.
b. Sort your current email address then click Next.
c. fill in the Account Information window, click Next.
d. Assess the details which you provided and click Next.
e. Click Finish.
f. After tripping, you are going to realize the most important games of Trend Micro Security.

Your protection upon installation is configured for security so you don’t need to do anything.

Installation for Windows 10 in S Mode

  • To Begin, See:
  • Input your Trend Micro Activation-code and click Next.
  • Your Navigation Code is just like your Serial Number and will be seen in your Trend Micro box.
  • Produce a brand new Trend Micro account, or join into an existing one. Then tap.
  • If You’re utilizing the Trend Micro Product Activation Portal, tap Install on to Goto the Windows Store and set up the Trend Micro Security for BestBuy extension.
  • Or Visit the Microsoft Store to set up:
  • Open Trend Micro Security in Your Own Edge browser. Tap Register then sign in with your Trend Micro account.
  • Utilize the Trend Micro Security for Greatest Purchase Edge expansion to scan and prevent dangerous sites, prevent interrupting advertisements, and save passwords that are secure.